Negotiation Misconceptions
Learn about many of the misconceptions of negotiations. Learn how to save a lot of heartaches and save a lot of missed opportunities! Learn the difference from a “good deal” and “opportunities”.


Does having the right attitude affect your negotiating? Is there a perfect attitude to have when negotiating? What are the three things you need to hone in on? Adam discusses how important attitude is to negotiation.


Ability and Willingness
What are ability and willingness, how do they affect my negotiating? Find out how to use the sellers ability and willingness in your favor to negotiate the best deal. 


The 3 A’s of Authority
Adam discusses what the 3 A’s of authority are and how it can help you. Learn how preparation and being prepared affects every deal you do. Find out how building a good rapport will help you save a deal that is falling apart.


Negotiation Tactics
Learn the best negotiation tactics to use from the negotiation master himself! Adam dives into his secrets of turning a no into a yes!  Are you supposed to take the first no as a final answer? Is there a way to turn a bad sale into a good one?


The Power of Two
Learn how important the Power of Two is! This is vital in every deal you do and will help you close more deals than you thought possible. You don’t want to miss this golden nugget!


The Differential
In the competitive market we live in you have to stand out! Adam discusses how to stand out and differentiate yourself from others. This is important in closing any deal.


Patient Yet Persistent
Adam discusses the importance of being patient in making a deal happen. Learn when to lean in and when to hold back. These things can make or break any deal.


When To Walk Away
Knowing when to walk away from a deal and how to do that.  How to use walking away to your advantage. While walking away isn’t a tactic to use regularly. Listen as Adam identifies when to walk away and how it can help you.


How to Act
Adam discusses how to act in each deal that you do. Listen to this powerful piece of advice and he ties in everything you learn in mastering negotiations!
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