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At Escaping Your 9-5, investors have come to us for help solving their dilemmas. From changing mindsets to working through their complicated real estate issues, we have set them on the pathway to not only achieving their goals but also far exceeding them. From our basic coaching program to our one-on-one program, you will find a plan that fits your needs, goals, and budget.

Carl came to Sean in need of a new career path. After a couple of his friends mentioned real estate investing and the need to connect with Sean, Carl made the switch from his factory job to real estate and never looked back. With no knowledge of the real estate market or real estate investing, Sean has and is coaching and mentoring Carl through his real estate journey. Through a changed mind set and one on one coaching Carl has quickly excelled in his journey. In his first year Carl completed over 15 acquisitions and is on track to complete 100+ this year.” “I’m amazed at the level my confidence has grown talking to homeowners and the way I have succeeded in this field.  – Carl Sheppard

($2,997 value only 97/mo)

What's Included:

  • Weekly zoom call w/ Sean to review your current deal 
  • Negotiations Mastery Course incl with 6 or month subscription 
  • Direct interaction with Sean
  • Community Interaction with top investors
  • Cutting edge tactics shared each week
  • Potential to JV with Sean on your deals (priceless)
Join VIP Facebook Group

Elite Access Private Facebook Group

This Private Facebook Group is where the TOP 1% real estate investors come together to discuss deals, ideas, problems, or anything else! Imagine having instant access to a group of masterminds with a combined real estate porfolio in the TENS OF MILLIONS!

It's not a stretch to say that this half hour investment could change your life! One on One Coaching call with Sean himself to answer any questions & help you work through any problems you have experienced in your real estate journey.

($997 value only $497)

What's Included:

  • 30 Minutes Increment Coaching Call with Sean O’Rourke

  • Call Can Cover any Topic Of Your Choice

  • Perfect for Working Through Problems in Your Business as Soon as They Arise! 

Unlock Silver

($9,873 value only $4,997)

What's Included:

  • Full access to my Elite Access Private Facebook Group and Community

  • Podio Plus acquisitions Software and Integration

  • 2 1-hour Private Zoom Sessions

Unlock Gold

Join the ELITE investors in our High Performance GOLD Community! Access to VIP Facebook Group, Podio & One on One coaching with Sean!

Sean O'Rourke is highly regarded as one of the top Real Estate Investors in the country! In this ultimate package, you'll get an up close & personal look into how he built his Multi-Million dollar portfolio! This all access program is your ticket to becoming a top 1% investor & building unparalleled generational wealth!

Platinum $24,997

What's Included:

  • One on One mentorship with Sean O’Rourke

  • 16 1-hour Private Zoom Sessions

  • Full access to all High Performance Education training materials and courses 

  • Sean’s personal cell number 

  • All Zoom Calls are Recorded and yours to keep FOREVER!

  • Full access to my Elite Access Private Facebook Group and Community

  • Podio Plus acquisitions Software and Integration

Unlock Platinum

"How Sean Did It?" Podcast


Hear from Sean O'Rourke on how he built his Multi-Million Dollar portfolio with no cash & how he is helping investors all over the country do the same! Sean had NO experience in Real Estate Investing & came from a blue collar back ground and even dropped out of high school! His aim to help individuals with the Entreprenurial spirit achieve the same level of success he has found & change lives!