The Bearded Boys Real Estate Show episode #2.

In episode 2 Cory Lee and Sean O'rourke share their very first real estates deals and give some tips for those looking to make their first deal. In this episode Sean breaks down what real estate wholesaling is, how to structure a deal, and how to make sure a deal is worth pursuing.

The Chris Voss Show

Hear Sean discuss what makes him unique in the Real Estate Investing Industry & how he is helping others escape their 9-5 job & create generational wealth! 

Giving A House Away 

From Broke to Multi-Million Dollar Flipper – Take a chance, jump in feet first and make your dreams come true – and Sean O'Rourke is giving away a free house!

Real Estate Round up Podcast

Real Estate Roundup | Ep 36 | Sean O'Rourke | Finding Massive Success W/ 4 Kids and a Full Time Job

Stuck In My Mind 

Full time husband, real estate investor and father of 4, Sean O'Rourke hated his job as a Production Manager of a plant so he decided to learn about real estate. Sean started by listing to podcasts and YouTube. Sean stops by to chop it up with your boy W-I-Z-E!!!

ReiUnite - Wholesaling to Hedge Funds with Sean O'Rourke & Ryan Paliukaitis

Sean O'Rourke is a real estate investor located in Mississippi who deals with Rentals, Rehabs, Wholesaling, Commercial property and more. What's really cool is that Sean wholesales his deals directly to Hedge Funds. This allows him to: -maximize his profit -do consistent deals with reliable buyer -narrow down his buy box so he can target prospective sellers with laser focus

Landlife 12

Sean O'Rourke knew nothing about real estate just 3 years ago! By making the jump from his J.O.B. (just over broke) into the business world he has built a business worth over $14 million! Sean is not just a great businessman he actually cares about the people that he works with (imagine that?). Great guy all around.

Starting in Real Estate Investing w/ Sean O’Rourke

How to start from nothing, no money, but time and endurance, and grow your portfolio quickly being an outside the box thinker.

Sean O'Rourke
The Deal Scout