Get Podio +



Basic Package

  • Manage Contacts, Seller Leads, Transactions, Cashbuyers, Sales and Sales offers (Acquisitions & Disposition Processes).
  • Integration with smrtPhone for click2calls, lead tracking and 2-way SMS based conversation and communication log.
  • History of Missed Calls, Abandoned calls, Answered Calls, Voicemails, Incoming and Outgoing Texts messages.
  • Integration with smrtDialer for lead follow-ups (2-to-4-line dialer).
  • Status wise lead segregation, follow-up reminders, Custom views, notifications and call attempt trackers.
  • Ability to define users, roles and assign them phone numbers
  • Auto Lead assignments rules
  • New Lead/Update notifications to Lead Managers
  • Options to setup task based followup reminders
  • Tracking lists, Campaigns, Phone numbers and Major markets
  • Followup reminders to help in doing lead followups
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Text Messages via smrtPhone
  • Lead Communication History
  • Drip Sequences or Auto Follow-ups
  • Generate purchase and assignment contract from podio. 3 Page contract is part of the setup. Additional pages will be charged under customization rate
  • Email based reminders before/on task due date
  • KPI Dashboard showing Current month profit, Projected profit, Deals in the pipleline and dials and talk time
  • Webform to submit leads by external teams including cold callers, texters or VA's.
  • Track cold caller leads or texting leads in podio.

Podio+ PRO


Pro Version

  • Everything given in the Standard Plan 

  • All website submissions are tracked in this app. One business website will be integrated. Maximum 2 webforms can be connected. Additional website integrations comes understand customization charges 

  • "Podio to SMS marketing tool integration. Client can pick ANY ONE of the following marketing tools. Additional tools will come under customization charges.

       - Batch Leads

       - RooR

       - Launch Control

       - Lead Sherpa

       - Smarter Contact

  • PAT Live submissions are stored in this app    

  • All PPC generated leads are tracked here. We connect with one agency. Additional agency integrations comes under customization charges  

  • Offers Made, Offers Rejected, Calls over 6 minutes long, Pass Offs Today/ Last 7 Days.     


Delivery Time                   

  • 5-10 business days (after checklist is filled)                                          


What do we need to setup the CRM system?                    

  • Fill out a Checklist (provided by our team)                           
  • Login Credentials for a premium Podio account                 
  • A SmrtPhone account                   
  • SmrtDialer subscription (in case multi-line follow ups are needed)                            
  • A subscription to the Slyboardcast service (to send voice messages from drip sequences)               

What do you get from us?                          

  • A StreamlineREI CRM System                     
  • An access to the training vault                   
  • One-month free email based onboarding support                            
  • A one-o-one Q & A Session to help in smooth onboarding                             
  • Access to an additional yearly customer support subscription discounted rate of $250/year                           


Customizations / Add-ons                          

  • One-window for all tech support needs.
  • A discounted rate for ongoing tech support of $35/hour                
  • Quick turnaround time                 
  • How-to training videos